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Things you can do on android but not on iOS Devices


A silent war is going on between two smartphone majors, Apple and Google and a most debated topic of this technical warfare is that which one is better- Android or iOS? Both the operating systems have pros and cons.

iOS provides security and the flawless homogenous ecosystem while Android has everything open and it provides flexibilities. So comparing this two system will start a debate where privacy freak people will take the side of iOS and people who want flexible OS will choose Android of course.

There are some things that iOS can do flawlessly where Android stumbles upon, and similarly Android does many things which are really beyond imaginations in iOS!

Let’s check out the things you can do on Android but not iPhone! It may give you a goosebump that we are leaning towards Android. Yes, for better building this topic we need focus on the features that Android provides us, but iOS restricts us.

Increase Memory: A debated feature that most iOS users want

This is the first one to start with. On every Android device, you can have an option to increase memory using an SD card. This simple feature enables users to download more music and videos. You don’t need to clear media files in order to free phone memory!

But if you are using an iOS device, you can feel the pain. There is no option to add SD card! Apple provides free cloud storage, but from the second year, it will charge you for that! That means the honeymoon lasts for the first year only. That’s why people go for the iPhone with highest storage option, but that will make a hole in your pocket.

Personalization: Your phone, your wish, your design


Apple doesn’t provide users freedom. It seems excessive freedom may breach security! That’s why on the clinical grid view of an iPhone seems unbearable when you have been using it for few years! Over the years, there is no change at all!

On the other side Android opens the floodgate of customizations. From apps to icons, fonts to colors everything is customizable! Once you receive an original Android OS, you can add something, and that becomes a mod version like MiUi and Cyanogens, etc. You can make your phone exactly how you want to see it. Personalization in iOS devices is still a dream!

#Widgets: Another important thing to add here is “widget.” It plays an important functional role to make the screen personalized. On iOS, there is no such option to get the things done easily right from the home screen!

Multitasking on Multi windows: It will take few years to arrive on iOS

android multiwindow

It’s another pretty feature to catch up. Android has gone far beyond a normal multitasking system. You can easily split the screens of the running apps and can easily hop here and there on the apps by switching through sliding motion! Many Samsung users are enjoying quad screen feature, and on an iOS device, this feature is completely a thing of future!

Let’s not make the debate serious; the iPhone fans may get angry! But the facts and information have to be accepted.

Notification Handling

Let’s find out some crucial differences in handling both the OS. As a geeky programmer, I have found something irritating on iOS devices especially in the notification center. With locking and unlocking the screen, all screen notifications go dismissed. By this, you may miss some important notification.

While on Android it’s seamless! The notifications stay there until they are dismissed manually! So Android has the edge over iOS here.

Don’t you think it takes the effort to get into every app in order to check whether there I any update or not? Well, iPhone fans may find a hundred reasons to hate Android, but reality checks unveil this hardcore truth.

Cache Clearance: May arrive on iOS 12 or may be later or never!

All Android users are familiar with this feature. You can clear cache simply at a single click and if you want to go for a specific app, then also you can slops down to that easily from the “Settings”, this action helps to delete cache data that sometimes eats up a significant amount of space in the device.

Alas! iOS doesn’t have any option to do the same. You have to go through “uninstall-reinstall” process to remove the cache! That’s ridiculous! But we have no other way to do that. It’s a great regret of course

# there is only one exception. If you are using Google map app, then there is an option to restrict the app, so it eats fewer data and stores fewer data.

Many Brands, many devices for Android

If you want to purchase an Android phone, then there are numerous options available for you starting from the entry-level segment to top-notch premium level segment! Users can easily pick the best phone that suits their budget and make them impressed.

But there is no similar buyout option for iOS! You need to be a rich person to afford that. Until and unless you afford $1K, iPhone is out of your dream. It doesn’t cater mass. So you need to save your every penny to purchase an iPhone that doesn’t have any option to expand the storage and ample of versions to choose from!

Android does you every task effortlessly so you can get on an Android device to roam freely in the world of the internet while iPhone becomes a style statement rather than a smartphone to work on. That’s a fact nowadays, and you can’t ignore this one.

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