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What is VR and AR? Best Uses of AR and VR


Due to the huge potential of growth, virtual reality and augmented reality, media and the whole tech world often keep their eyes on these through a maximum of us aren’t aware of these two technologies and the process of working. Let’s find out the actual features of these that made these things to mark an era in the timeline of technology as the era of AR and VR. Currently, we are experiencing huge growth in communication sector due to repetitive R&Ds with hardware and software both.

From video chatting to gaming VR has changed the way of enjoying online things while AR has changed the importance of physical presence, which either may be in a meeting or video calling!

AR vs. VR
AR vs. VR

Like many of us, we also confused on the differences between these two technologies. Let’s clear that cloud of confusion first.

What is VR? – Briefing about the technology

We often use VR headset to enjoy movies and during gaming. VR is an artificial and fully computer generated simulation that provides real life recreation. The simulations come into vision and hearing at first; gradually the technology is growing at a faster pace as all the tech and smartphone manufacturers are looking for compatible VR sets.


Points to be noted:

We need to wear a VR headset that creates an enhanced virtual reality that makes you feel like you are a character of the game you are playing. It further enhances motion gaming and enjoying movies especially if you are watching 3D movies. Some training is also equipped with VR nowadays like; flight simulator in training for the pilots.

The language that has made this thing coupled with our imagination is known as VRML, virtual reality modeling language. It actually creates some series of images and literary specifies the way of interaction between them.

Some videos show us how the VR can change the way of shopping as well, have a look on this-

How’s that? Well, you may have to wait a few years to see it being implemented as all of these is now in pre-implementation phase in the many companies though Amazon has managed to start its first store with a mix of reality sensing technology with hyper machine learning algorithms where you don’t need to wait for bill or queue for paying. Probably it’s the first stage of VR shopping, check this out-

What is AR? – A complete scenario of this technology

Another word that has taken the smartphone telephony upside down by its several breakthroughs and someone of those, we really think can be existed in science fictions only. With AR the physical presence of face to face interaction will be removed slowly. With many video chatting options on a smartphone we have already decreased the line of imagination especially when you are talking with a man.


AR is a version of simulated layers that enhanced an existing reality with the help of computer generated virtual enhancements. The technology is coming into the mainstream because of the hyper craziness of people about 3D display around the world. Imagine how it would be if your email app pops up in the 3D motion in front of your eyes from your smartphone!- pretty cool, isn’t it?

Can you remember the Google glass? Yes. That was the first try to make AR implemented in our real life but for some reasons that project was shelved and no further improvements took place.

The AR applications available in the market can be divided into two prime sections- image recognition and location-based apps. Now you can relate why we mentioned Google glass earlier. Though Google put that on the shelf, it introduces image recognition and moreover written piece recognition in an image in its new Android OS (Oreo). A perfect thing for smart generations! It’s very simple, like- open the camera and point it towards a restaurant on the street, simply connect that with Google assistant, and it would reveal everything like reviews, ratings, menus, working timings and even recent reviews by your friends in Google or Facebook altogether!

Points to be noted:

Motion activated command, and holographic conversations are some examples of the use of this technology! AR is amazing and an important point to share- you don’t have to wear any kind of headset for his. It happens in front of you! Communications always depend on interactions. AR changed the way of that thing and doubtlessly a revolutionary breakthrough. Google’s Tango platform shows how the system works in business!

VR & AR- A correlation

Yes, there is a correlation between these two technologies. Actually, these are an inverse reflection of another in common sense. VR puts us from real life to a world of virtual elements while AR puts virtual elements in our real life. AR is putting artificial things specifically digital things portrayed on actual things while VR helps us to enjoy that one.

Our world is changing through the new technologies, so we are. We are experiencing faster implementations of technologies and upgrades like never. It took years for testing and implementing newly developed technologies earlier, even before 25-30 years while now, a year old smartphone looks like garbage. Yes, we are changing at that pace! May be near future, we won’t see TV; we will enjoy shows and movies using VR instead. We won’t fly to meet someone for business; we will use AR holographic videos realtime to get the meeting done. Stay tuned for more life changing tech things.

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