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Google Launched Crowdsource Reviews for Movies and TV Shows in India


Google has moved one step forward to grab more exact match search result, and as a part of this move it has rolled up a new feature in its search page- crowdsourcing the movie reviews. It’s the major footstep towards making something like IMDB rating right on the search page of the Google. It will replace the necessity to surf any site like IMDB. If any of your friends (attached in Google) reviews about any recent movie, that also will pop up infront of you. No doubt that it’s going to be an intelligent move to cater people right from the search page.

Google Movie Crowdsource

Google has been testing it in India only. If it goes successful, it may be online for the whole world within a few months.

How the system works

Google has confirmed that every message and review goes through a system that detects any inappropriate one by its filtering system and then that will be unpublished immediately. If any message is flagged as inappropriate by any user, then also there is a strict observation on it as Google doesn’t want to pass a wrong perception to the viewers.

Once the users submit their reviews, it will automatically crawl up to in the knowledge graph of the Google search result. You can add the same for TV shows as well.

Google Crowdsource movie and TV review

It’s a good intention by the mighty Google. It indicates that it’s opening up the system for user generated content as well. All the reviews will be calculated out of five, and the average one will be shown up on the top.

(sourceSys Tweak)

Is it Google Vs Amazon?

From the market corner, Google is trying to beat Amazon owned IMDB in search for ratings of the movies and TV shows, but it selected India for its testing place of this feature. Whenever you type any movie name, it will ask you add a review if you have seen the movie.

It’s incredible that Google is coping up with the intense competition in the search result suggestion of the entertainment section of lifestyle.

We have experienced two different approaches from two giant of the movie review engine. In this year, Amazon has stopped the comment section in its IMDB while after a few months Google opens its crowdsourcing review technology! It looks like what Amazon has shed off; Google has picked that point. According to the IMBD officials, user-generated contents don’t provide exact scenario all time, so it’s better to restrict the things in order to serve the viewers better. Here the confusion arises, why Google has started this one while Amazon tested this and ultimately keeps it to the morgue.

Though in IMDB, there was no filtering process of the comment, anyone who was a registered member could comment and review anything, in Google, there are plenty of things to consider before you compare it with Amazon’s IMDB’s system. It has spam filtering and flagging system by the users that may help to keep the knowledge graph clean and to aggregate the graph with relevant and honest reviews. It’s time to see how Google manages it. Either it would be a success, or it will be transferred to the cold room.

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