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Brief:¬†produce a piece of graphic communication that ‘shouts’ its message.

The choice of message and format were entirely open. I recall reading a newspaper article about an increase in the number of gay men with HIV because of growing complacency about the need to use protection, and a misconception that the virus was now “highly treatable”. I chose to address this issue with a concept for a large sculpture to be placed in central London on December 1st (World AIDS day).

The sculpture would take the shape and colour of the red-ribbon which is currently the symbol of solidarity for people with HIV/AIDS. I wanted to convey the idea that HIV is still spreading, with the number of people living with HIV increasing every day, not just in Britain or Europe but across the whole world. I came up with the concept of filling the clear sculpture with ice, and placing pellets of red dye in the sculpture. When the water melted, the dye would dissolve and diffuse through the melt-water turning the sculpture redder and redder. This would also communicate the danger of HIV that because it is slow to progress and symptoms do not always manifest themselves in the early stages, people often do not realise they are infected. In turn people may infect others without being aware of it.



Brief: design and visualise a piece of illuminated, site-specific signage that exists in two states.

I designed this sign in response to concerns about light pollution. Gower, in Wales, has been a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty for over 50 years, but its dark skies are being brightened by badly-designed lighting from nearby Swansea. I wanted to create a sign to support the dark skies campaign for Gower.

The sign would be made from bio-engineered seaweed that fluoresced and was quite visible at night, but would not be so bright as to cause sky glow. With time the seaweed would degrade and be washed away.