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Brief:¬†produce a printable document cataloguing the year group’s creative heroes (group project).

Everyone researched images and copy based on their creative hero, or produced their own content. This would form the basis of a double-page spread within a large catalogue. The group was then split into four subgroups who would work to create four chapters of the finished document, each with its own look. Within each subgroup, members passed on their images and text to another member who would then design a spread based on the content they had received. Groups decided on common elements for each spread to create a sense of unity and consistency.

My group took the idea of hero worship, and pushed it to its extreme, until it became stalkers and obsessives. Our chapter conveys the idea of people obsessed with creative practitioners in a variety of ways, such as following their movements or adopting and replicating their creative practises. In my spread, I focused on the idea of looking sideways as promoted by Alan Fletcher. Fletcher had a fondness for visual puns, so I included my own, which becomes apparent when you look sideways (or to be precise up-side down). I later designed a cover for the chapter and printed and bound it as an individual catalogue.

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