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Brief: using typographic and calligraphic tools, enhance the meaning of a piece of text for a general audience.

When I was researching this project, the issue of Russia’s global conduct was at the forefront of the news. There was concern about Russia playing power-politics by restricting and cutting off gas supplies to the Ukraine. There was also concern about the process of Stalin’s rehabilitation within Russia, through schools and the state-controlled media, as a means of preparing the ground for curbing civil liberties and the use of repression. Russia is in the process of re-writing its own history.

The idea I wanted to convey was ‘whitewash’. I chose a quote from Kruschev’s ‘Secret Speech’ which acknowledged the brutality of Stalin’s regime, and literally covered it up with white acrylic. The quote is supposed to be difficult to read because of the materials and lighting I have used, but it reads:¬†Stalin originated the concept “enemy of the people”. It made possible the use of the cruellest repression.

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