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Brief: design a stamp for the British Antarctica Territory commemorating 5o years of the Antarctic Treaty.

The design template carried the text included in the design. I took the line ‘Peace and Science’ and determined that the two depended on co-operation between nations. This is the central idea behind my design. It is through co-operation and the sharing of scientific research that the environment of Antarctica continues to be preserved and maintained for peaceful purposes.

I chose to focus on the flora and fauna of Antarctica, which are preserved by the Environmental Protection Protocol. Penguins are closely associated with Antarctica and are probably the continent’s trademark creature. They survive the harsh environment through co-operation, staying close together to preserve body heat. Therefore, they are not territorial creatures. They live together, they work together when fishing to increase their catches, and they defend each other when necessary. I have aimed to show that the spirit of the Antarctic treaty can be found in Antarctica with the nature of the penguin. I believe that people readily identify with penguins for the way they look after their young, their communal nature, and their bipedal physiology. It is easy to anthropomorphise penguins and associate their qualities with humans.

Science depends on international co-operation for the exchange and flow of information. This has been key to Antarctic Peace for the last 50 years. I have aimed to show this idea not through the people and the scientists who keep the idea alive, but the environment and creatures the treaty serves to protect, which may be regarded as inspiration for its continuation.

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